Saltimbocca alla Romana

Tender veal cutlets with prosciutto make perfect ingredients for this traditional second course

One of Italy’s most beloved and well-recognized meat-based dishes, Saltimbocca alla Romana is a classic from the country’s capital city, Rome.  Making the most of the tenderest veal cutlets, salty yet-smooth Prosciutto Crudo and heady sage, this traditional second course Italian recipe will guarantee a winning meal in your own home.

If you’ve got voracious meat eaters in the family, but want to give them a classic Italian second course that’s just a bit lighter, this is a wonderful meat-based recipe to test out.  There’s full flavor no matter how you spin it, and the best part is that any additional salt or seasoning needs are more than matched by the Prosciutto Crudo - it’s got your salt cravings well-met.  

When doing a bit of grocery shopping for this recipe, I’d recommend selecting truly tender veal cutlets with minimal nerve and fat throughout the cutlets - as your cooking time is fairly quick, your leaner cutlets fare the best in the classic Saltimbocca alla Romana recipe as fat doesn’t quite have enough cooking time to truly dissolve into the meat elements.

For complete reference, review the simple steps of Saltimbocca’s complete recipe and get cooking, friends!

Be sure to try out this quick, simple classic Italian veal recipe as you explore traditional regional Italian cooking, and let me know how it comes out in your own kitchen!


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