How to Taste 3 Simple Steps!

How do we taste wine? What do I look for while tasting wine? The simple and basic answers to these burning questions are here!

We’re so excited you’re ready to get your wine-tasting skills sharpened and perfected, and we know just the guy to help you achieve that wine-learning goal.  Join Mamablip’s fine Italian wine expert, Filippo Bartolotta, for a run-down on how to taste your favorite wines, and what you should be doing in three easy steps to get all you can get from these wonderful Italian wines.

Just 3 steps?  Surely that’s not enough to help you unearth the secrets behind that smashing Brunello, you say.  Why not watch the video and see how you can on your path today towards a discovery of what makes your favorite wine so special, so unique, and your favorite out of a huge selection of terrific Italian vintages and selections.

You’re going to have to watch the see what your steps should be, but we promise they’re simple steps that will enhance any wine-drinking experience as you begin to learn about the craftsmanship and hard work behind every bottle of Chianti Classico you have in your cellars.

So crack open a bottle of that wine you’ve been dying to try, and get started today on learning the  mysteries of wine, and why it needs not be such a mystery after all.

For more Italian wine news, be sure to head over to the Mamablip Wine School Video index for more video explorations of gorgeous Italian wineries and wine regions.  Check out some Wine Selections to purchase your own bottles of recommended fine Italian wines.   Don’t miss last week’s video from the Let’s Wine series with Filippo, How to Make Wine?

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