How to Taste Wine: Drink It!

The last step of 'how to taste wine in 3 simple steps' is, without a doubt, the absolute best part!

We’ve explored the other parts of wine tasting, and how to go about learning the most you can about your favorite wines, and wines you’re tasting for the first time.  So far, we’ve gone over the basics like sight, and smell.  Now we get to the best part:  actually drinking and tasting the wine itself.

Quite possibly the most satisfying part about wine-tasting overall, using your sense of taste for this last part of wine-tasting provides the mouth-feel, the textural experience, the aromatic fullness that you can experience only when actual imbibing this beverage.  How have we been able to resist this long?!  Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip fine Italian wine expert, has bravely undertaken this wine-tasting adventure with us, and here we reach the best part of the experience.

For more Italian wine news, be sure to head over to the Wine School Video index for more video explorations of gorgeous Italian wineries, stellar wine regions, and more tips and tricks on how to taste wines.  If you’re ready to bring some fine Italian wine into your own home, check out the Wine Selections page to purchase your own bottles today.   Don’t miss the other How to Taste Wine videos focusing on your other sense, smell and sight, How to Taste Wine - Look and How to Taste Wine - Smell from the Let’s Wine series with Filippo.


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