Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Superiore - Bringing the Mountains to Your Glass

The Tommasi Winery brings elegance to their Rafaèl vintage. Learn how the Tommasi family bring mountain aromas into their Valpolicella Rafaèl wine selection.

A wine that firmly reflects its birthplace, and a refreshingly acidic selection that pairs so nicely with a variety of different culinary options.  Sound like your dream Valpolicella?  When you think about fine Italian Amarone wines, you might have some criteria already in mind, and you’ll happily have those met when you select the Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Superiore vintage.

Come with Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, as he explores another superb Valpolicella selection.  If you love mountains, you might find similarities between mountains and the Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Superiore selection.  The flavors and aromas of this Valpolicella label veer towards the fresh red-fruits, with spicy and strong notes.  There’s no over-ripe fruit here, just fresh, vertical structures to savor and pair with your favorite hearty dishes.

Combining the thick-skinned Corvina grape, with a variable blend of Rondinella and Molinara grapes, the Tommasi Valpolicella Superiore from the single-cru Rafaèl vineyard is a memorable wine that speaks volumes about its provenance.  Elegant and discreet, you can be assured that the Tommasi Rafaèl Valpolicella Superiore will perfectly accompany your great dining moments, without overwhelming your palates or your senses.

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