Masciarelli Villa Gemma: Wine, Passion and Revolution

Let's explore the history behind Tenuta Masciarelli, stronghold of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

The Masciarelli Wine Estate has now become a recognized, solid element of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo wine region, although the past of this winery is rooted in revolution and change.  Want to know more about the ground-breaking experience the Masciarelli wine-producing family experienced in their quest to bring fine Bordeaux-style wines to the heart of Italy’s Southern wine lands?

Let’s dive into this notion together with Mamablip’s Italian wine expert, Filippo Bartolotta, as we learn the roots and background of the Masciarelli family.  The wines of the Abruzzi region were never held as beacons of fine Italian wine, always coming in much later than the classic Tuscan and Piedmontese big names.

One Italian winemaker in Abruzzo though, was destined and determined to change the course of this wine-making region, taking wines typically quaffed as table wines and bringing them to a whole new level of finesse and expressivity.  Filippo brings us on an exploration of the vision one man had, and how that vision today is carried on by Gianni Masciarelli’s heirs.

Mamablip is delighted to bring you on a discovery of a wine region you might not familiar with, but will be inspired to unearth together with your family and fellow Italian wine lovers.  Journeys into Southern Italy are eternally a wonderful experience, but when you include fine Italian wines produced lovingly by family traditions that today have been enhanced by technological and ecological progress, are not a journey you can find every day.  But Mamablip will bring this experience to your doorstep!

Join us for a thrilling look at the Masciarelli Wine Estate today, and expand your Italian wine knowledge infinitely!

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