Sbrisolona with Piave Cheese and Beef tartare paired with Garda Doc and Valtènesi Rosé | 15 Minute Recipe

Sbrisolona: if you don't know what we're talking about, the best way we could describe it is a crumble, but you better taste it to really appreciate it!

Sbrisolona, which is a sweet cake typical from the region of Lombardy, could best be described as a crumble.

Today, in this newest episode of Mamablip's live show Dinner in 15, Chef Sara Lai cooks an amazing savory 'sbrisolona', made with a handful of simple ingredients and served with a fondue of lovely Piave DOP Cheese.

if you are still learning your way around the kitchen, this dish is a perfect chance to prove yourself: it does not need to be pretty, and the result is almost impossible to mess up, trust us! 

and if you want to wow your guests even more, listen to Filippo Bartolotta, Mamablip's wine expert, and crack open a bottle of Garda DOC!

Salty “Sbrisolona” with Piave Cheese Fondue Ingredients
4 Servings

Beef for Tartare 480 gr

For the "Sbrisolona Salata"
All-purpose Flour 200 gr
Piave Cheese 100 gr
Egg 1
Unsalted Butter  80 gr

For the Fondue:
Piave Cheese 200 gr
Milk 50 ml
Heavy Cream 50 m

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