tagAlt.Baglio Cantine Florio Duca Di Salaparuta

Florio Wine Estate

  • Founded in 1833

  • DOC Marsala - IGT Terre Siciliane - DOC Passito di Pantelleria - DOC Malvasia delle Lipari

  • 5 Cultivar

  • Bottles produced ca. 3.500.000

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Florio’s Marsala Wines are One of Sicily’s Resplendent Treasures


Surprising and original, the world of Florio wines captivates attention with its luminous Mediterranean splendour, its fascinating history and its bold modernity. 
Since 1833 Florio has been synonymous with marsala throughout the world.

Florio and its unique environment


Built in tufa stone by Vincenzo Florio in 1833, the Cantine Florio in Marsala welcomes visitors into a unique environment, where history, architecture, modernity and design blend together for a journey into an unexpected world that will surprise even the most knowledgeable wine tourists.
Here there is a new way of conceiving the spaces within the Cantina ( wine cellar), which is no longer just a place where unique wines are produced, but which opens up to visitors for events, exhibitions and tastings.

Florio’s Impact on tradition and modern influences


Florio wines come into existence in a beautiful corner of the Mediterranean, the "Fascia del Sole" (Sun Belt), an area in south-western Sicily characterised by a special connection between the microclimate, vines and soil, and develop for decades in the peaceful silence of the historic Cantine.

Since 1833, Florio has gained unique experience, reinterpreting the past with modern winemaking technologies to produce wines of great prestige which can be savoured on many occasions: marsala, liqueurs, raisin wines and sparkling wines are waiting to be discovered, or rediscovered, as original aperitifs, to accompany a dessert or to be sipped while meditating.


Our products

Vecchio 1833 - Marsala Superiore (Dry) - Florio


The 'Vecchio Florio' is the real Marsala Superiore, born in the centuries-old cellars and famous all around the world

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Donna Franca - Marsala DOC Wine - Florio Estate


Donna Franca Marsala from the Florio Estate by Duca di Salaparuta in Sicily

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Terre Arse - Marsala DOC Wine - Florio Estate


Sicilian Terre Arse Marsala DOC from the Florio Estate by Duca di Salaparuta.

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Targa - Marsala DOC Superior Reserve Wine - Florio Estate


Targa Marsala Superior from the Florio Estate in Sicily by Duca di Salaparuta

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Oltre Cento - Marsala DOC Superior Wine - Florio Estate


Oltre Cento, Marsala DOC Sicily from the Florio Estate by Duca di Salaparuta.

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Baglio Florio - Marsala DOC Wine - Florio Estate


A refined product, with a dry and smooth taste, hints of licorice and almond blended in a delicate and harmonious vanilla note.

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