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Piave DOP Vecchio Selezione Oro - Cheese


Foods Cheeses
Denomination Formaggio Piave DOP
Cheese ingredients Cow Milk, salt, rennet
Ageing Over 12 months
Region Veneto
Structure No eyes
Texture Hard, Brittle, Compact
Flavors Mid-range Sweet and Savory Elements
Lactose Lactose Free


Piave DOP Vecchio Selezione Oro cheese is a hard, compact cheese produced following the heated curd technique.  This cheese has a firm, crumbly texture, and reveals a complex sensorial experience.  In addition to the vegetal nots, this ageing process also imbibes the cheese with toasted notes, fruit-based notes that range from dried fruits to ripe, exotic fruit traces.  
When tasting this cheese, yo'll perceive defined aromas of vegetables and dried fruits, with an increased intensity compared to the other aged Piave DOP options.  The flavor of the Selezione Oro option is marked by a definite balance between sweet and savory flavors that linger pleasantly.

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