Garda DOC Morainic Hills Meets Poached Egg with Piave DOC

Enjoy an amazing pairing! Garda DOC Colline Moraniche meets poached eggs and beautiful Piave DOP Cheese.

Where are we headed today in our exploration of fine Italian wines and their glorious Italian food companions?  Let’s head up north, to Lake Garda, with Filippo Bartolotta, fine Italian wine expert, and Chef Sara Lai to lead the winding way to Lake Garda’s southern shores!  

The wines of the southern Lake Garda shores reflect the Mediterranean notes of the area, and thanks to the climate of this region, not only can you find excellent wines to suit any palate, you can also enjoy the extra-virgin olive oils of this area.  Amazingly enough, even though the area is lakeside and coastal, the local climate provides the ideal growing environment for excellently gentle olive oil.  

In the meantime, do as Filippo does and enjoy the wines of the Garda DOC region together with an excellent blend of Poached Eggs, Asparagus, and Piave Fonduta cheese.  A dish paired with Garda DOC that usher in a whole new flavor sensation and excellent wine&food pairing experience!   Looking for this recipe?  Try a Piave Flan to get started before you tackle the rest of the dish featured in this Lake Garda homage.

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