Tedeschi Wine Estate

  • Founded in 1630

  • Vineyard hectares 48

  • Doc, Docg - Valpolicella

  • Cultivar 6

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Tedeschi's relationship with the territory


Tedeschi is proud to have had a deep connection with the Valpolicella region for almost four centuries; in fact, the oldest company documents date back to the 17th century. Since 1630 Tedeschi has firmly believed in the richness of its wine production and now expresses this in a modern way, having adopted the most innovative production methods and environmental management, in search of wines which best reflect and celebrate this magnificent land. And so Tedeschi produces quintessential, powerful, elegant wines, full of personality. Today it is a point of reference for winemaking in the area, and contributes to enhancing awareness of the wines of the province of Verona worldwide. It is a passion which has been handed down from generation to generation; today it is Lorenzo, the innovative father of the family, who runs the company together with his children,  Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo, confirming that it is the family that is the key element behind their success. Together they continue the work begun by their ancestors of interpreting and exalting their ‘terroir’ to the full. According to Lorenzo Tedeschi, every one of their wines should be considered as a child of the earth, and its authenticity is the result of 400 years of lively passion and careful research.

Scientific research, experience and knowledge


The link between the Valpolicella area and wine production has very ancient origins, as testified by many ancient sources including Virgil, Pliny and Martial.

The Tedeschi winery, one of the oldest wineries in Valpolicella, is located in this historical region. Currently the family owns a total of 48 hectares of vineyards: except for the 4 hectares of the Lucchine vineyard - from which a fresh vintage Valpolicella is obtained -  all the others are located on the hill, between 200 and 500 m above sea level. Throughout its wine production, the location has always been fundamental to Tedeschi, enabling the family to obtain wines of great structure and character. Some of the vineyards are located in the classic area, like the renowned Monte Olmi vineyard and the Fabriseria vineyard, from which two great crus of Valpolicella and Amarone are obtained. The Maternigo estate, which comprises 33 hectares of vineyards surrounded by thick woodland in the eastern valley of Valpolicella, was specifically chosen for the uniqueness of the land and for its position. The company philosophy has always considered scientific research a cornerstone for the production of high quality wines, naturally combined with experience and knowledge of its territory. The company, always sensitive to environmental issues, has obtained ‘Biodiversity Friend’ and ‘Equalitas’ certification.

Elegance and harmony


The Tedeschi range covers the whole panorama of the denomination of origin, from Valpolicella to Valpolicella Classico Superiore, from Ripasso to Amarone, and, of course, Recioto;  different labels  interpreting each individual terroir. These wines are the result of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to every single detail. Over the years the Tedeschi family has been able to exalt the value of ‘autochthonous’ or indingenous vines such as Corvina, Corvinone, and Rondinella, without forgetting less well-known but fundamental grapes, such as Oseleta, Dindarella, Negrara, Rossignola and Forselina. The style of the produce has been defined since the early 1960s, when Lorenzo Tedeschi had the happy idea of separately vinifying the grapes of the Monte Olmi vineyard to create one of the very first Valpolicella Crus. Today Amarone della Valpolicella Capitel Monte Olmi is the most emblematic wine of the company and this wine growing area. Following the Capitel Monte Olmi, over the years the company has introduced other cru wines, produced from these hillside vineyards with high wine vocation. In the last twenty years, the Tedeschi family has made significant investments in their vineyards and  cellar, in order  to obtain wines reflecting their ‘terroir’, which are harmonious and elegant, fruity and well structured, fresh and easily paired with food. For this reason they are appreciated all over the world and their quality is recognized by the most important Italian and foreign wine guides


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Marne 180 - Amarone of Valpolicella DOCG Wine - Tedeschi


Amarone Marne 180 - a wine that knows how to surprise.

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Capitel Monte Olmi - Amarone Valpolicella DOCG Classic Reserve - Tedeschi


This Amarone can be described in two words: genius and composure

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Maternigo - Valpolicella DOC Superiore Wine - Tedeschi


A Valpolicella of rare aromatic intensity.

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Capitel San Rocco - Valpolicella Ripasso DOC Superiore Wine - Tedeschi


Capitel San Rocco - a Ripasso wine of balanced finesse.

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