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tagAlt.Grocery shop at famous local market Ballaro in Palermo, Italy.

Discover the Top 10 Italian Food Markets to Visit in Italy

Which are the best food markets in Italy? The best food markets in Italy are: 1.Porta Palazzo Turin, 2. Central Market Florence, 3. Rialto Market Venice, 4. Central Market Milan, 5.Vucciria Palermo, 6. La Pescheria Catania, 7. Eastern Market Genoa, 8. Pignasecca Market Naples, 9. Middle Market Bologna, 10. Central Market Rome

Tasting Liguria: Wine and Food Pairings from the Italian Riviera

What are some of the food, recipes, wine specialties in Liguria? Cappon Magro, Brandacujun, Minestrone alla genovese, Vermentino, Pigato.

The Best 10 Corvina Wines: A Guide for the Tastebuds

What are the best 10 wines from the corvina grape variety? Vigna ‘800 – La Polda, Rosé Spumante, Giovanna Tantini - Ma.gi.co, La Collina dei Ciliegi - Camponi, Corvina Veronese Igt,Tenuta Sant’Antonio - Scaia, Corvina Veneto Igt,Le Vigne di San Pietro - Come un Pino Nero, Corvina Veronese Igt, Vigneti Villabella - Montemazzano, Corvina Veronese Igt, Allegrini - La Poja, Corvina Veronese Igt, Zenato - Cresasso, Corvina Veronese Igt,Scriani – Carpanè, Corvina Veronese Igt,Damoli – Avant Garde, Corvina Metodo Classico Brut Nature
tagAlt.Urbino Marche Italy at evening time

Tasting Marche - Italy's Ancient Territory, Landscape & Nature

What are some of the food, recipes, wine specialties in Marche? Brodetto di pesce, Vincisgrassi, Coniglio in porchetta, Olive Ascolane, Stoccafisso all’anconetana, Verdicchio

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