Famiglia Zingarelli - Chianti Classico Wine - Rocca delle Macìe


Wine Type Medium structure red wines
Denomination Chianti Classico
Region Tuscany
Year 2018
Grape Variety Sangiovese, Merlot
Alcohol 13.5%
Aromas Fruity Aromas, Red Fruits, Floral Aromas, Rose, Spiced Aromas, Violet, Woody aromas
Ageing potential Drink within 10 years
Serving temperature 16°C-18*C


This wine was born along with the winery, and has grown with it over the years, becoming the ambassador that represents it around the world. As such, it deserves more space than can be allocated to it in this brief description. The history of Rocca delle Macìe is, in actual fact, doubly intertwined with this Chianti Classico, which has evolved over the years both through the changes imposed upon it by updates to the regulations and through the enhancements made in the vineyards thanks to replanting operations, soil analysis and the clonal selection of Sangiovese. Today, we have arrived at a lively, ruby-red wine that expresses character, freshness and terroir, and is laden with aromas of cherry and violet.

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