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A video about Bolgheri. Along the Tuscan seaside area in central Tuscany and famous for its top-notch, cult Super Tuscan wines. Among these Sassicaia and Ornellaia

Discover Bolgheri, the most beautiful land overlooking the Tuscan seaside in the area of Castagneto Carducci, and its amazing Super Tuscan wines with your ultimate wine guide Filippo Bartolotta.

We know Bolgheri as being the superb Tuscan seaside area in central Tuscany, famous for its top-notch, cult wines, but did you know that the Bolgheri area is actually a relatively new area for wines?  So much of our perception of fine Italian wines is based on historic family-run wine estates, and while those are fundamental to a well-rounded understanding of top-of-the-line Italian wines, that's surprisingly not the case with this amazing Tuscan wine region.

Filippo Bartolotta, Tuscan fine wine sommelier (as well as highly-respected and sought-after wine journalist), has so much on-ground experience in this part of Tuscany, so there's absolutely no-one I trust more to lead the way in an exciting discovery of the Bolgheri wine region. I'm thrilled to learn more about the roles of the different wineries, their impact on the wine-producing history of the area, the role the climate and geography have in producing some of my favorite wines, and so much more classic Tuscan history.  Actually, I discovered they were favorite wines thanks to Filippo's guidance, so he's the best, folks!

If you've got questions, feel free to leave them in your comments on our social media pages, and Filippo or the team will get back you right away with the answers!   Let's check it out together, and get ready to have your wine-knowledge expanded!

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