Discover Calmaggiore Brut - Masottina- Prosecco doc Treviso

Dec 06, 2021

The winery Masottina elaborates this Masottina Prosecco Treviso Calmaggiore Brut , a sparkling wine from Prosecco Veneto with a blend based on glera grapes.


Why is it called Calmaggiore?

Calmaggiore is the main street of the historic center of Treviso probably of Roman origin "callis Maior" the main street. It connects two symbolic places of the city: Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Signori. For Masottina, Calmaggiore is also the name of the collection of Prosecco DOC Treviso, a way to pay homage to the historical province where Prosecco wine was born. 


Calmaggiore Brut: Style

This Prosecco wine with an unmistakable style is characterized by extraordinary elegance, versatility and finesse. Subtle to the palate but at the same time enveloping and of incredible freshness. Vinified according to the best sparkling wine tradition, in order to represent and preserve the value of its land which has always been devoted to oenology. 


Organoleptic characteristics

Pale straw yellow color with jade green reflections. The perlage is fine and persistent.

To the nose, initially, hints of citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and citron, then, apple emerges clearly in its various nuances. In the mouth is crisp and elegant, creamy and enveloping. The finish recalls the pleasing olfactory notes of citrus fruits and ripe fruit. 


Vinification and aging

Exploiting gravity. In the absence of skins, therefore in white, at a controlled temperature of 15 ° C - 18 ° C; the taking of foam and aging on the lees, which generally lasts one month, take place in autoclave by selected yeasts at a temperature of 14 - 13 ° C. It ages for about one month before being released on the market.



Ideal as an aperitif, or to accompany fish and seafood dishes.


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