Cod ( Baccalà) Gratin with Chickpea Purée

Easy, amazing, traditional cod gratin paired with creamy, velvety chickpea purée, watch the video!

Traditional Italian cuisine is filled with tasty variations of dishes featuring favorite ingredients, and one particularly adored ingredient is the Cod fish, locally called Baccalà when preserved and dried in salt (or stoccafisso when air-dried).  With so many different ways and methods of preparing this flexible white fish, a popular saying in Naples is that there’s 365 ways to make a baccalà, and we think they might be right about that!

While not originally from the warmer Mediterranean waters, Cod developed into an important Italian ingredient thanks to its long-life when cured and shipped in to busy Italian port cities years ago.  From there, its incorporation into a variety of classic Italian dishes was a simple hop and a skip, bringing us to today’s Mamablip video recipe.

We also can never seemingly get enough of chickpeas, another classic in Italian cuisine.  Lovely legumes are a great match for flaky fish, and the bed of chickpeas that forms the base of this classic Baccalà dish is just the vegetable complement cod thrives upon!


For complete recipe steps, follow the complete written instructions for your Cod Gratin with Chickpea Purée today!  The recipe page will give you a complete walk through all the steps in preparing another Italian classic your friends and family will adore! 

What wines to pair with this savory Cod fish recipe?  Mamablip’s got some great options, so head over to the Wine Selections page for guidance and assistance in perfecting your pairing.  If you can’t get enough of delicious, authentic Italian seafood recipes, don’t miss the many fish-focused recipes to browse through and make for your loved ones - lots of simple, straightforward preps to explore and rediscover your seafood faves!


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