Focaccia Recco-style with Piave DOP Cheese and Garda DOC wine | 15 minute recipe

Thin layers of focaccia filled with a layer of luscious cheese. It really is a cheese lovers' paradise and it might be easier than you think

Focaccia is a true culinary tradition in the region of Liguria. In Recco, a small town not far from Genoa, what may be the true queen of all Ligurian focaccias was invented: the focaccia di Recco, also known as focaccia with cheese.

Thin layers of savoury focaccia stuffed with a heart of creamy cheese. Today Chef Sara Lai proposes a version with Piave DOP cheese, a discovery that will leave you speechless.

It's no wonder that, although traditionally focaccia with cheese was only served during the remembrance of the dead, today we can find it all year round in the best bakeries in the region.

Together with Chef Sara, as always, is Filippo, who today will uncork a bottle of Garda DOC for us to accompany the focaccia di Recco.

Recco-Style Focaccia with Piave Cheese DOP paired with Garda DOC spumante brut, Valtènesi Rosé, Riviera del Garda Classico DOC

Ingredients for 4 servings
Focaccia di Recco ingredients
All-purpose flour 350 grams
Extra-virgin olive oil 40 ml2
Water 150 grams
Salt 1 tea spoon 
Piave Cheese Fresco DOP 250 grams

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