Fresh Pesto Sauce- Traditional Italian Pasta Sauce

Fresh basil pesto made at home is so amazing, simple and cheap, that you might never buy it at the store again!

Do you love a good Pesto recipe?  Are you curious about trying original Italian masterpiece recipes?  If you love the classics, then one of Italy’s most beloved pasta sauces is a great place to begin your traditional Italian Classics tasting adventure.

Basil Pesto is a pasta sauce made in every single corner of Italy, even in the areas where basil doesn’t grow as part of the natural fauna and appears mostly in home gardens or in green-grocer’s shops. 

Basil Pesto is just the right balance of rich extra-virgin olive oil, puckery and pungent garlic, creamy smooth pine nuts and refreshing, rejuvenating Basil leaves.  Toss this magical blend onto the perfect pasta shape, and it’s truly one of Italy’s most heraldic and properly revered pasta recipes.  

In our traditional Ligurian Trofie and Pesto recipe, we introduce you to the wonders of hand-rolled Trofie pasta shapes, a gentle vertical shell-like pasta shape puckered with whirls and divots intended to capture and absorb the pasta sauce.  The added bonus of this hand-rolled pasta shape recipe is how the sauce, in this case an eye-catching classic Basil Pesto recipe, is then released into your mouth while you savor each bite of this handmade pasta recipe.

Be sure to watch the video of our chefs preparing this classic Ligurian Trofie and Pesto recipe so you too can perfect your handmade pasta-making skills with a classic recipe as appetizing as it is beautiful.

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