Let's make traditional Tuscan Ribollita! The recipe!

Stale bread and seasonal veggies: the recipe for traditional Ribollita, watch the video!

Ribollita is one of those heart-warming, stomach-filling Tuscan countryside dishes that you cannot go wrong with.  Ribollita, meaning boiled twice or reboiled, is a classic example of Cucina Povera.  Its date back to a more rustic lifestyle, when throwing away food just wasn’t an option, and even stale bread played a very fundamental role in the traditional household cupboard.

Use dried-out country-style bread for this spectacular stew highlighting some of Tuscany’s finest winter ingredients:  Tuscan kale (aka, Cavolo Nero), sweet white cabbage, and soft Cannellini beans.  Pair these beauties with somewhat stale unsalted bread, and allow the flavors to blend and soak up the aromas from tinned tomatoes, and you’re in dangerously delicious territory.  Dangerous only because one bowl will never be enough - make plenty for extra helpings!

Are you looking for more information about the winders of Italian Cucina Povera?  Check out the Mamablip blog articles on that very subject here.  For extra guidance and the chance to cook together with friends, join our Live Class with the Mamablip chef team and learn to make Ribollita together - it’s a great experience to enjoy with your friends as you cook together in your own kitchens.  Don’t forget to check out the full Ribollita recipe here!

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