How to Make Home-Made Potato Gnocchi, the typical recipe

Watch how to make simple potato gnocchi like a real Italian chef! Today we enjoy them with cherry tomatoes and burrata!

If you are a true Italian food lover, changes are you have savored and enjoyed the fabulousness that are Potato Gnocchi.  For foodies everywhere, fresh handmade Potato gnocchi are a special treat, although, since they’re so simple to make, perhaps we should look at them with a whole new perspective.

A delicious dish that’s quick to come together, has a minimal ingredients list, is is mid-cost range for specialty items needed (and if you want to bring your pricing down a little, a substitution of buffalo-milk mozzarella is something to consider).  Sounds like the perfect dinner or lunch dish to test out.  The Mamablip chef team is pretty convinced you’ll find instant success once you master the finer details of creating fresh potato gnocchi shapes.

Simplicity wins the race with your Potato Gnocchi and Burrata cheese recipe, and while this authentic Italian dish is perfectly at home in an informal setting, one of the reasons this pasta selection is so unique is because you can also dress it up immensely to mark a special dinner or lunch at home.  

If you’re struggling with what the prepare for your next home-cooked meal, consider making a course of fresh handmade potato gnocchi.  Quick and easy, yet remarkably impressive and a bit sophisticated, don’t forget the versatility of substitutions:  if you need a gluten-free option, simply replace the all-purpose flour with gluten-free flour blends, and gnocchi it is today!

For complete recipe steps, head over to Mamablip’s Potato Gnocchi with Cherry Tomatoes, Zucchini & Creamy Burrata today!  The recipe page will give you a complete walk through all the steps in preparing another Italian classic your friends and family will adore! 

Want to know what wines would match this fresh potato gnocchi and Burrata recipe?  Check out the Mamablip Wine Selections page for lots of great wine and food pairing options.  Another great way to learn more authentic Italian pasta dishes is by joining a Live Class with Mamablip’s chefs.  Find your favorite, and join today.


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