How to make Real Pici with Cacio e Pepe, the Recipe

Easy and Fun recipe for home-made Pici pasta with creamy cheese sauce (no cream, of course) and black pepper.

Serious debate roils around the Tuscan countryside, with fervent debates about how to make a genuine Tuscan gem:  Pici.  Like with so many dishes of ancient origins in Italy, there are different camps of chefs preparing them in a myriad of different ways.  The good thing about this debate is that we as foodies have the chance to taste our way through the varying presentations and preparations, heroically tasting until we find a favorite version.

And with that in mind, one of our all-time favorite versions is lovingly hand-crafted by our Mamablip chef team.  Check out the gorgeous recipe video tutorial above for all the moves you need to make authentic, bonafide hand-rolled Pici just like a countryside cook would make in their own kitchens.  Once you’ve mastered the rolling of this lovely fresh pasta recipe, all you’ll need to do is pair it with a simple, fresh pasta sauce and you’ve got yourself a real taste of Tuscany.

We love Pecorino cheese for this Cacio e Pepe combination, with the saltiness of sheep’s milk cheese providing the perfect stage for zesty, freshly-ground black pepper to highlight the simplicity of easy, quick flavors.  Good quality Pecorino is a must, so be sure to set the fundamentals up right for your fresh hand-rolled Pici pasta course, and revel in the ease and directness of this classic Tuscan pasta course.

If you’ve loved this video tutorial showing you the ropes of preparing your classic Italian pici dough and sauce recipe, you’ll definitely want to join in our Live Cooking Class focusing on handmade Pici dough and noodles, but paired with an intriguing tomato-based sauce.    Looking for our favorite wines to pair with your fresh Pici with cacio e pepe?  Check out the Mamablip Wine Selections pages for lots of amazing wines from our favorite producers for lots of wine and food pairing inspirations.

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