Ricotta Gnocchi with Guanciale and Asparagus

Mamablip's Chef prepares light and fluffy ricotta gnocchi step by step, try them in your kitchen!

Gnocchi are one of Italian cuisine’s most recognized and adored first course dishes.  With so many different variations on classic gnocchi sauces, we love when we’re able to incorporate one of the season’s most prevalent ingredients and wind up with an easy, delicious, wholesome dish.  

This gnocchi preparation renders a classic Italian homemade pasta recipe a bit different, and a bit lighter for those on the prowl for a fresh pasta recipe with a lot of flavor and a little bit less heft.  The substitution of delightfully fluffy fresh ricotta cheese for the boiled potato element of the handmade gnocchi recipe might surprise those used to a classic potato gnocchi prep.  However, taste buds be alerted:  the resulting taste of your ricotta gnocchi is out-of-this-world wonderful!

Nothing is lost in the final result of your Ricotta gnocchi recipe, and in a sense, much is gained.  Lighter flavor and texture, greater ability to be paired with a wider range of excellent Italian wines, a steady base for tasty Italian seasonal veggies, and so much more.  No change in your preparation times or styles, as both gnocchi variations are great Italian first course recipes to learn and perfect.  

In this classic springtime Gnocchi recipe, we match crispy Italian Guanciale and tangy seasonal asparagus together for a most convincing, winning combination.  Guanciale and asparagus are both complimentary flavors and ingredients, with the zest of asparagus balancing the richness and saltiness of guanciale.  An excellent Gnocchi sauce you’re going to want to test out today!

For complete recipe steps, head over to Mamablip’s Ricotta Gnocchi with Guanciale and Asparagus today!  The recipe page will give you a complete walk through all the steps in preparing another Italian classic your friends and family will adore! 

Want to know what wines would match this fresh ricotta and Guanciale recipe?  Check out the Mamablip Wine Selections page for lots of great wine and food pairing options.  Another great way to learn more authentic Italian pasta dishes is by joining a Live Class with Mamablip’s chefs.  Find your favorite, and join today.


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