Seppie in Zimino - A special Tuscan Recipe starring Cuttlefish

Make Seppie in Zimino at home! A special Tuscan recipe for cuttlefish cooked with vegetables.

A true Tuscan classic, cuttlefish and seafood in general might not be the first dish that comes to mind when you think about genuine, traditional Tuscan cuisine.  But you’d be overlooking some truly spectacular options, starting from this exquisite Cuttlefish and Chard specialty dish.

Give your taste buds a jolt of joy with flavors ranging from both savory and salty, to sweet and aromatic.  If your previous interaction with cuttlefish has focused on the heavier, fried version (which is another genuine taste bud treat), then our version with cooking directly in the sauté pan, will open up your seafood horizons to include this toothsome, fresh recipe.

If Chard isn’t availble at your neighborhood grocer’s, the flexibility of the dish also allows for the subbing of spinach into your seafood recipe.  The important elements of this mouth-watering classic Tuscan recipe are the harmonious balance between vegetable and seafood, between savory and mildly sweet, the ying and yang of a genuine Italian classic.

Chef Michele will lead you through the easy, straight-forward steps involved in producing our classic Cuttlefish In Zimino dish, and for the complete written recipe version, check out Michele’s full recipe, and pick up an extra wine-pairing suggestion as well.  

If you’re looking for new ways to present superb Italian seafood dishes to your loved ones, look no further than Cuttlefish in Zimino for an inspiring take on classic Italian seafood recipes.

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