Traditional 'Tortellini in Brodo' - Filled Pasta in Broth

Watch the video-recipe and learn how to make tortellini at home from scratch! Just a few ingredients for an amazing first dish!

One of our more complex recipes to prepare, there’s something immensely rewarding about preparing such a traditional Italian classic.  Rewarding for the soul, but also the stomach, so all around, a winning scenario for you!

Give yourself plenty of time to watch the complete video and see our chefs in action as they work the folds of traditional Tortellini from the food-fabulous Emilia-Romagna region, one of Italy’s premier regions in terms of classic gourmet goodies and excellent traditional recipes representing these delicacies.

Once you’ve mastered the video-watching, jump right into the thick of making handmade Italian tortellini following our chefs’ lead.  You’ll find that while the ingredient list is a bit longer than some of our other handmade pasta recipe favorites, the resulting flavor and consistency of these scrumptious handmade pasta forms are well worth the shopping list.

A clear broth made with classic meat broth ingredients ensures a traditional Italian holiday recipe that you’ll certainly want to include into your future holiday menu plans.  Truth be told, we make this recipe whenever we’ve got some free time to work with - it’s just that wonderful!  Including one of the hottest food trends of recent years, homemade bone broth, while our traditional broth recipe does call for more consistent meat pieces, you can actually play around with your broth ingredients to find what you like best.  Part of the fun of cooking at home is your ability to make genuine Italian recipes work for you and your loved ones.  

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