Traditional Tuscan Biscuits - Cantucci di Prato

Crunchy yet juicy, these traditional biscuits from Tuscany are amazing - have you ever dipped them in sweet wine?

While there isn’t officially a listing of the 7 culinary wonders of the world, we think that if there were, Cantuccini di Prato would have a spot on that list.  After all, how in the world can a hard Tuscan almond cookie turn into a gourmet treat invente and reinvented the world over?

For purists, a genuine Cantuccini di Prato with whole toasted almonds and a crispy, lightly browned exterior drizzled with cane sugar is a step away from official paradise, whereas some more contemporary thinkers adore adding all sorts of variations, from tart freshly grated orange zest paired with deep, dark chocolate chunks - we’ve seen an entirely chocolate-focused variation also that looks remarkably inviting.  But for those purists out there, nothing quite hits the spot like the whole toasted almond variant, and when dunked into the mandatory Vin Santo that renders the biscuit soft and sultry with aromatic dessert wine, nobody can resist this cookie’s siren song.

If you don’t feel entirely at ease yet with your baking skills, nothing could be more fool-proof than this recipe to hone your chops at baking.  Measure your ingredients carefully, and follow the simple steps to a guaranteed biscotti success.  Once you get more experience making these traditional Tuscan goodies, you can experiment with your inclusions to find which combination strikes your fancy.  We’d love to see a mixed nut version - what do you think you can whip up in your own kitchens?

For complete recipe steps on making your own authentic Tuscan biscotti di prato cookies, check out the full written recipe instructions, Prato-style Tuscan Cantuccini Biscotti today!  The recipe page will give you a complete walk through all the steps in preparing another Italian classic your friends and family will adore! 

While the natural companion to Cantuccini is a glass of Tuscan Santo, do you think another dessert wine might be a good companion to your crispy almond Cantuccini cookie?  Check out the Wine Selections page for lots of great wine and food pairing options.  Another great way to learn more authentic Italian pasta dishes is by joining a Live Class with Mamablip’s chefs.  Find your favorite, and join today.

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